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Would you leave it all Behind for Dream job at Remote Lighthouse?

Wendy Jiang

Today, technology progress at a amazing speed,but unlike years ago people move to the cities,more and more people are moving to rural areas,living a easy life. Here is a story picked from ABC News about a pair of couple who live at Remote lighthouse.


Mitchell and Patty lived 15 years on a Sequin Island where the state’s tallest and second oldest lighthouse resides. They slated their company and spend their retirement times professional caretakers, it is their first time to take care a light house.



They makes quick trips to throw away trash,pick up weekly essentials and do laundry. The water is not drinkable, so they have to bring water up the hill to the house.Thorp says other than a fully stocked fridge, a healthy relationship with your partner and a strong sense of independence make surviving island life easy.

Thorp and Sullivan say their experience has been pleasant even with all of these little quirks.Daily stream of tourists has kept the loneliness largely at bay,and the experience has definitely taught him a thing or two about life:“You have to push the Type-A away because in the business world, you need to be that way, but in the real world, outside of business, it’s not healthy to be that way all the time,” Mitchell said,“but, there’s definitely an element of our friends and family who think we’re crazy,” he added with a smile.

Life at lighthouse is pleasant but far away from modern society,you can slow down the peace of your life and enjoy with you love.

After all,do you prefer their way of life?


I think it would be nice to have a break from the busyness of Houston so I would enjoy their life! Although, I would probably miss the convenience of stores nearby!


It is cool,i prefer their way of life-simple,without technology.




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Would you leave it all Behind for Dream job at Remote Lighthouse?