What Will International Students do During Spring Break?

Wendy Jiang, Writer

This year Spring Break is from March 13th to 17th, count on the weekends it is nine days in total. Like American students, international students also have their plan for Spring Break.

During this time many of them would prefer to travel and enjoying time with their family.This year Stephanie Yang will visit L.A and San Francisco,taking a short trip with her family. Stephanie’s parents will fly from China and she is going to fly from Houston to join them.  In this trip they are going to visit Fisherman’s Wharf,Golden Gate Bridge and Highway one. This is her first time to visit Highway one, it is very famous so they decided to go there. After nearly six days of in California she and her family will go back to Houston, they are going to stay with her for a short while. The most exciting thing is to see my parents, said Stephanie.

Another international student, Sherry Lyu, would also go on a short trip during Spring Break.
She is going to Hawaii and this is her first time to visit there. The most exciting thing to her is to eat pineapple on the seaside.






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