Spring Break is Just Around the Corner

Spring Break is Just Around the Corner

Ximena Reyna, Witer

The two weeks every student looks forward to when school starts, are the weeks of winter break. The only thing students love more than schoolwork, is break from schoolwork and vacation! Unfortunately winter break is way over and it’s time for hot weather and pool time. Spring Break is just two weeks away and it has students jumping for joy.

Many students are staying in town for Spring Break and just enjoying their time off of school, but a lot of people love to leave town and have a nice well needed vacation on the beach. Not only students, but teachers are really excited to have some time off of.

Even though this is a break from school, there are a few school events going on that a lot of people will be attending. The debate team has their state tournament the first weekend of the break. Every debater that qualified for state during this debate season will be attending and competing, it’s a really big deal. Also, our wonderful fine arts department has a trip each year to somewhere really exotic. This year about twenty people in fine arts are traveling to Italy for an amazing fine arts experience.

Although Spring Break is some time away, students like Sydney Reaves say, “I’m so excited to finally get to sleep in!”

Waking up every morning to go to school can be tiring which is why having our infamous break would, “make her life” as she said.

Everyone is so excited for Spring Break, vacation, debate tournaments and fine arts fun!

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