Lexi: A girl who hates the weather in Houston

Marshall Ingram, Writer

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This is Lexi.  In her eyes she is a procrastinator.  One thing that she would like to change is to procrastinate less.  She likes doing handcrafts.  She obviously loves her mom because, her mom, was the last person she hugged before she got on the plane to go back to America.  Her favorite song is I Wish Your Love.  Like many people she does not like the weather in Houston.  It is too hot outside and too cold inside.  She says everything is very extreme when it comes to weather.  She has a queen sized bed, and likes it because it is big.  Yesterday she had bacon and a sandwich for breakfast, but did not like it because it was too many calories.  The hardest challenge in her life was coming to America.  She said adapting to a new country is very challenging.  The only time that she would throw a party is if she got a boyfriend.  Spicy foods are one of her favorites because they are thrilling to her, but she also like other foods.  Some of her favorite foods are yogurt, noodles, avocado celery, and a greek yogurt smoothie.  She said some of those sound not so good, but they are.  Lexi’s favorite time of day is dawn because it makes her think deep about life.  One thing that she would love to see is the Halley’s Comet.  She said it is so rare that the next time we will see it, it will be in about 50 years.  If the world were to end on Monday during the Solar Eclipse, she would book a flight back to China to see her family and friends.

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