Should I Study or Binge Stranger Things Season Two?

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Should I Study or Binge Stranger Things Season Two?

ximena Reyna, editor

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The second season for one of Netflix’s most popular shows in the past year, Stranger Things, comes out on October 31st. After a year of waiting fans everywhere are impatient to finally see the second half of this amazing story.

Approximately an outstanding amount of 8.2 million people watched the first season of Stranger Things in the first 16 days it was released. This show caught the attention of kids, teenagers and even adults. The plot and the story line kept fans at the edge of their seats and wondering what was going to happen next. Because, of the outstanding amount of success that these first eight episodes received, the show was given a second season that has people impatiently talking about it non-stop.

Sophomore Maddie Pallanez is one of the many students at Northland that watches Stranger Things. When she was asked if she enjoyed the first season she said, ” Yes, of course!” She continues to talk about what she is looking forward to, “the first season was really good and I’m excited to see how the plot develops!” Pallanez explains another very interesting reason why she is going to enjoy this season a lot more than the first saying,”My friend from TUTS, Sadie Sink, is going to be in season 2, so I’m most excited to see her and be introduced to her character!”

Everyone is going to have their own binge watching party on Halloween when the season premiers. Pallanez ends by explaining what she will be doing that night, “it comes out on halloween, so i’ll probably watch it with my friends!!” While some people will enjoy watching with their friends, others want to have time to themselves and watch this anticipated season alone. Sophomore Sydney Reaves says, “Yes,” she is very excited for the new season and on Halloween night she is going to do the following, “I’m going to be doing some hardcore binge watching and grubbing.”

As the premier of Stranger Things season two approaches us, we grow more and more antsy yet excited. This is a phenomenon that is going to break the internet and probably have Netflix explode. Make sure you all tune in to Netflix on October 31st to watch the release of season two, along with everyone else here at Northland.





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Should I Study or Binge Stranger Things Season Two?