Homecoming Week

Emily , writer


Everyone in NCS can go to homecoming. That is a activity can wear beautiful dress and make more friends. Homecoming is a big activity for our school. And this activity can make us be together and have fun. We can also feel confident for yourself and thanks to  our school.

It will happen on October 13th. Before homecoming girls need to get a dress that is short and a high-heeled shoes. Girls may prepare to be beautiful and join homecoming. And boys, they need to prepare flowers and invite girls to be his dancing partner. And except preparation of it, we may have a spirit week and we can wear some different clothes that is suitable for the topic of that day. And this is a good change to show yourself to others. This week will be funny and you will see many interesting clothes and decorations. Homecoming will be on October 14, 2017 and in a beautiful place.

For students, they are excited about it. They think it will be really funny and amazing. As an international student, this is the first time for me. I expect it and I want to know what will we do during the activity. I feel a little nervous about it, because it is a big party and we prepare for it a lot.  For my friends, they think this is a good chance to meet more friends.  In their opinion, they think homecoming can keep whole school together and know more about each other. And during the activity, you can see the other side of your friends and school. Your classmate may change their image. And you can feel a funny and amazing school during it. It can improve the evolution to your school, family and your school.