A Disappointing Year

Marshall Ingram, Writer

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It is no secret that the Texans season has been unsatisfying. It has been filled with many disappointments. Whether that be injuries, losses, or off the field, it has not lived up to expectations. With the Texans sitting at a 4-5 record, it looks like playoffs are only a thought now. Things are not looking good for this 16-year-old organization.


At the beginning of the 2017 season, the Texans looked like a serious playoff contender. With them making the second round of the playoffs in 2016, without franchise star JJ Watt out with an injury, and a quarterback in Brock Osweiler who underachieved tremendously; the future looked bright. Coming into the season they would have their pro bowl defensive end to join Jadeveon Clowney. Joining the team would be power back, D’onta Foreman, and their 1st round draft pick Deshaun Watson. The Texans were set. They were finally healthy, and have added the pieces needed to complete a playoff contending roster. Or so they thought. D’onta Foreman was punished with off the field issues, and injuries would hurt the team even more. JJ Watt, for the second straight year, would have a season-ending injury. Starting linebacker, Whitney Mercilus, tore his pectoral muscle to end his season. The most surprising one of them all, Deshaun Watson, tearing his hamstring in practice would have to miss the remainder of the season. The Texans are struggling without these key parts of their team, failing to score on offense, and struggling to stop opponents on defense. Right now, it seems like Houston is just trying to not be a sub-500 team.


It seems as though it would take a miracle to pull this Houston Texans team into the playoffs. The Texans are in one of the worst divisions in the NFL and are sitting 3rd behind the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Indianapolis Colts. With the Texans not meeting expectations this season, the city of Houston is looking to other areas for hope; like the Astros or Rockets. If the Texans cannot get out of this rut they’ve been stuck in, at least the city can say, “At least we have a World Series.”

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