What happened during 2017?!?

Emmalee Schraeder, Writer

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Although 2017 has it’s ups and downs I personally think it was a good year for me. Starting off with the very first month January started off good nothing very exciting happen besides playing soccer for school and my dad having his birthday and also my brothers.

When February started to come around I began to get more excited because that meant we were getting closer to break and I couldn’t wait. Anyways as many people now the month February is known as a love month because of valentines, but I didn’t get anything from anybody like every year.

During the months of March and April nothing that significant happened. Once May rolled around that is when all of the stressed began to come. This is because finals were right around the corner and I wanted to get my grades up so I didn’t fail any of my classes. I would have to say May was the most difficult month because of school and finals. As school was ending I couldn’t wait for the summer.

June approached awfully quick I would have to say this was one of the best months beside July and October. My family and I took a trip to Playa Del Carmen and it was so much fun. Soon after July approached and since it was raining on the 4th of July we didn’t really do much we tried to light fireworks but it didn’t really work out.

Then August began to roll around and school began to start back up and nothing was exciting about that. September approached and school began to start after hurricane Harvey. After this the school year began to fly by. October was one of the best months because I got to celebrate my birthday and also Halloween.

November soon approached and it went by super duper fast I would have to say the best part was thanksgiving and getting to spend time with my family and friends. Now onto December so far it has been good I can not wait for finals to be over and to be on break! Overall I would have to say this year has been pretty good!!

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Emmalee Schraeder was born in Edinburg, Texas on October 22, 2000. At a very young age she and her mom decided to move to Houston. She went to Yeager...

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What happened during 2017?!?