A New Soccer Season

Marshall Ingram, Writer

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Northland Christian soccer has been a big part of the school for an extremely long time. NCS soccer is normally a top of the district team, but there have been different signs this year. Disappointment and adversity have shown throughout the season. Although, there have been signs of hope as well.


NCS is currently sitting in 4th place in the district, which is a playoff spot. Northland also is looking bright for the future. Many young players are on the field. Striker for the Cougars, David Morsi, had some words to say. “It has been a hard season. We have had to keep our heads up throughout adversity.” Another sign of adversity for the Cougars is senior goalkeeper, Jerry Webster, broke his collarbone during Saturday’s contest against Brazos Christian. Conner Rebhorn, which is a midfielder for Northland said, “It has been hard, but everyone is learning and improving and says they can make playoffs.”


Even though this season is not how the team would have planned it out, they are still going to fight. They can still make playoffs, and once in playoffs, anything can happen. In years like these the leaders step up and help the team, and that is what it might take to carry them into the playoffs.

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