A Fighting Season for Basketball

Marshall Ingram, Writer

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Northland Christian basketball has been a season of ups and downs. The Cougars have dealt with adversity such as loss and injury. Northland has dealt with it positively though, like executing enough in district. No matter what happens to them, Northland will not stop fighting.


Northland’s season started off slow this year with a hard schedule. The Cougars always start off with a hard non-district schedule to get them ready for district, and this year that was the situation. When district started, they got off to a slow start as well, but when the second run through district came the Cougars went on a clutch 4 game winning streak. That was much needed since their district record was 1-5. Northland is currently sitting at 4th place in district, and in the playoffs. Even more promising, 4th place is also a home playoff game.


The Cougars fight has kept them in the season. With their success through the second run in district, the Cougars are in the playoffs currently. When in the playoffs a new season starts. It is about what team gets hot, and if the Cougars catch fire then they can make another successful run like last year.

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