HELP! My Friends and I Can’t Stop Talking About Spring Break

Ximena Reyna, editor

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You would think that a group of sixteen year old girls would talk about certain things that fit the stereotype. But, not this group of sixteen year old girls! Lately my friends and I have been talking about who is doing what for Spring Break. With all of the days we have had off from school you would think we wouldn’t want any more! Well, we do. Spring Break is approaching which means vacation, outfits to buy, swimsuits, planning cute parties and making yummy food. There is a lot to prepare and talk about.

Because school pretty much takes up everyones entire life, it is nice to have some time to yourself or with your family somewhere exotic or exciting. Usually, many people go on vacation to the beach or they go skiing and some even take road trips. Other times people just imagine where they would go if they were to go on vacation.

Sophomores Sydney Reaves, Maddie Pallanez and Alannah Ramon are eager to begin their spring break festivities. They talk about traveling to the beach, Colorado and Cancun! But, most importantly what we are talking about are our fashion inspirations. The most crucial part about spring break is what we are going to wear. Our fashion inspirations are Chrissy Tiegan, Kendall Jenner and ourselves. Not only that, but some of the snacks we are making are fries, ice cream sundaes and chocolate covered strawberries. These girls and I cannot wait for break!

Spring break has been the topic of conversation for weeks! It can’t come soon enough.





who- my friends

what-what are we talking about lately

when- most of the time

where- at school

why- it’s a col topic of conversation

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HELP! My Friends and I Can’t Stop Talking About Spring Break