The Debate to End all Debates: Is Water Wet?

Marshall Ingram, Writer

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Is water wet? That is a question that everyone has been asking. It almost cannot be answered with a correct answer. You have a 50/50 shot, but no real evidence to back it up with. You ask any person and they will answer with a new answer, and have new evidence.


This question “is water wet” has the younger generation raving about its answer. I asked a few students and they had some responses to give me. I asked Peyton Fennelly what he thought and this is what he had to say. “Water is wet because wet is water.” Conner Rebhorn said, “Water is wet because there is no liquid that is dry.”


These two students had the same answer, but different reasons. This is what will happen most of the time even though some will say the answer is no. This million dollar question may never be answered, but it sure will cause a debate.

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