In the Mood for an Emotional Rollercoaster? Watch “Love, Simon”!

Ximena Reyna, Editor

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Over the weekend, the movie “Love, Simon” hit theaters nationwide and people fell in love with the characters and story line. The movie came out on Friday the 16 of March and theaters all over the country were filled with crying teenagers. As someone who loves teen romantic comedies and popcorn, I had to see if this movie was worth the hype.

Honestly, the movie was amazing and heartfelt. The plot is as follows, this story follows a seventeen year old boy who is living a normal life. He is in high school, has amazing friends and the best family anyone could ask for but, he has a huge secret. Throughout the movie I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. I enjoyed watching because there was comedy, sentiment and a relatable feeling while the movie went on. By the end of the movie lets just say my mascara was all over my face because my heart could not take it anymore.

Overall, I give “Love, Simon” a 10/10! After the countless teen romantic comedies I have seen, this one is definitely a favorite and that is saying a lot. I most definitely recommend watching this movie if you are in the mood to laugh and experience some feels.





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In the Mood for an Emotional Rollercoaster? Watch “Love, Simon”!