Most Recent Earthquake shake Papua New Guinea

On March 26 on Monday an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 struck the island of Papua New Guinea. Fox news says, “The quake struck about 80 miles east of Kimbre on the island of New Britain at a depth of about 25 miles, according to the agency.” There were no tsunami warnings and no reports of injures or deaths due to this earthquake. Senior Jerry Webster says, ” It is terrible how such a beautiful place is getting so many earthquakes.”

Just recently last month there was another earthquake but with a magnitude of 7.5. This earthquake caused 125 deaths and many people to leave their homes. The most recent earthquake that occurred was just the latest spark of activity this year along the volatile “Ring of Fire” seismic fault system.

Fox news described what exactly the ring of fire is and they say, “The region is the location of most of Earth’s subduction zones, where oceanic plates slide under the lighter continental plates. Earthquakes tend to happen when those plates scrape or subside underneath each other, and, when that happens at sea, it can trigger tsunamis.”