Year in review

    As this school year comes to an end this is what all happened this year.

    August: Honestly nothing happened in August because we only had a couple days of school and then we had weather inclement days to the hurricane.

    September: During the beginning of the month hurricane Harvey hit and many people lost their homes. Soon after this school began to start back up and I remember feeling that school never even started because of the hurricane since we only came for a couple of days. I remember also trying to help others who had lost their homes due to this tragic event. September was a month to remember.

    October: This was the best month of the whole year in my opinion because it’s Halloween and my birthday! As the months continued to go on and on classes began to become harder and harder. In the beginning of the month we took the psat and the pact which honestly I was a bit nervous for even though it’s just a practice. We also had homecoming and danced the night away. At the end of the month I got a concussion and it lasted foOnce the end of October came I couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving week!

    November: Once November came around it flew by I honestly can not remember anything that happened in November besides hanging out with family and friends and celebrating Thanksgiving!

    December: Once December rolled around all I could think about was Winter break! This was probably one the most stressful months because teachers started to begin to cram a bunch of tests before midterms. Although I throughout I was going to die because of all the work and everything I felt a great amount of pressure lifted off my shoulders after midterms, and I got to lay back and relax.

    January & February: Honestly January and February were months to remember and were interesting.

    March: During this month I was trying to get back into the swing of things because when you go to public school honestly you don’t do much. During this month I was basically just focusing on school.

    April: Besides all the school work and everything I went to prom and it was really fun.

    May: This month nothing has really happened but it has gone by super duper fast!