Cougar Stadium

Marshall Ingram, Editor

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The Northland Christian Football Stadium, also known as Cougar stadium is the place to be on Friday nights. The football games always bring the best excitement to start off the weekend. It is a great thing to get you through the week, and look forward to it. The players and fans think it is one of the best times of the week. The players and coaches pour hard work and dedication throughout the week to get that prize on Friday nights.

Practicing with everything you have takes heart. The Cougars put it all on the line during the week to give the fans something to cheer about. Left tackle and defensive end of the Cougars, Justin Gilliland said, “My favorite thing about the stadium is the electricity that the fans bring.” He says that Cougar stadium is one of the best stadiums in the district. With a great stadium comes great responsibilities, like adding to it each year. Brad Helm, head coach of the team, had this to say on progressing the stadium: “Every year you gotta do something different. You gotta add something. It would be great to add turf, add graphics… I wanna do things for the seniors, and put banners around the field with their pictures on it, and put their out there… you don’t want to be stagnate. We always wanna be moving forward.” All of these features lead to one thing, and that is an unforgettable feeling on Friday night. Even as a coach who has been coaching for 20 plus years, Coach Helm still gets an exciting feeling when the game is about to start. He says that there is nothing like it. He has to handle it differently than he did as a player, but those butterflies and uncertainty are unforgettable to him. Cameron Fore, another player for Northland is a senior defensive lineman. He says that the stadium has progressed in a good way since he has been a freshman. He is all about school spirit, and loves how the jumbo-torn and the banners show exactly that. Even fans like Landon Murray love Friday nights at the stadium. Murray says “It’s just a good place to be around. There’s a lot of energy and a lot of people. It’s just a good place to be.” The fans are part of the reason why players like senior, and captain, Trent Laird do it. He says that when he looks up into the stands he sees them cheering, and it makes him want to do it twice. Caleb Anderson said it best when asked what energy gives him. ” I feel like I’m ready, ready to play football. I’m focused on what I’m trying to do.”

These players know what they want. They are looking for a championship at the end of the year. The fans, parents, and coaches are willing to do their part to help the players bring another state championship home to Cougar Stadium. The energy will never leave these players. It is something they will carry with them for the rest of their lives every time they walk onto a football field.

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