A Crazy Time

Marshall Ingram, Editor

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The College Football Playoff is in it fifth season, and it has brought more and more excitement to the season. It has always brought surprises, and upsets most of the years. This year the teams were Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma. This year brought one of the biggest upsets in a long time in college football.

In the 2018 College Football playoff brought many different types of teams. It brought the always dangerous Alabama, the beginning dynasty of Clemson, the redeeming Notre Dame, and Oklahoma with their Heisman winning quarterback. In the first round of the playoff the Clemson Tiger rolled over the Irish with a dominant win. Notre Dame, once again, showed that they have trouble playing on a big stage. Everybody thought that Alabama vs Oklahoma would be a blowout, which it was at the beginning, then Kyler Murray worked his magic. Bama ended up winning, but only by 11. The surprising part of the playoff was Clemson blowing out the Tide 44-16. Trevor Lawerence was unbelievable. Any time a true freshman beats Alabama like that; it is crazy.

The College Football Playoff is always a crazy time. The teams were very good this year, but the strong is separated from the weak in this situation. Notre dame showed they cannot hang with the big teams. Alabama showed they are still dominant. Clemson secured their dynasty, and OU tried to hang with their QB, but could not.

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