Perfect Areas in Houston for Valentines Day

As Valentines Day is approaching many people are deciding were to go. This article will be able to show you interesting places to go around the city.

Emmalee Schraeder, Editor

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As Valentines day approaches there might seem there is not much to do in the city of Houston. After looking and looking I was able to find some of the best places in the Houston area. Many of these ideas are either outdoors or indoors.

  1. Rosemont Pedestrian Bridge
  2. Woodlands Lake Kayaking
  3. Escape room
  4. Rosemont Pedestrian Bridge
  5. Valentine’s Day Houston Hot Air Balloon Festival
  6. Yoga with goats
  7. Art Museum of Houston
  8. Natural Science Museum

Many people have said about the Rosemont Pedestrian Bridge and Woodlands Lake Kayaking , “It’s extremely beautiful especially when the sunrises and when it sets.” Many other reviews have said they really enjoyed doing yoga with goats. “I love coming to this class every few Friday’s Especially for the Goats. 🐐”

In Conclusion, all of these places are great and different. They all have great reviews also. So make sure you try and go to any of these places if you’re interested!




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