The Time of Love

Marshall Ingram, Editor

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It is the beginning of February, and you know what that means,Valentine’s Day. People have different opinions on it. Some think it is a made up holiday, and others appreciate the celebration. Ultimately, though, it is a day out of the year to show appreciation to that special someone. Valentine’s Day could be a chance for someone to show their appreciation for the first time. Although, some people have been dating for a good amount of time, so some think nothing of it.

Dating has changed tremendously over the years. In 2019, a good amount of the communication is over technology. When most of our parents were in high school, dating had mostly face to face contact. Now, today it is still in person contact, but you are still talking to the person when apart. Before phones, people would say goodbye to each other, and wouldn’t see them till the next day. Nowadays, it is a little different. Senior, Landon Murray, said that he started talking to his, now girlfriend, at school. “Then we started talking over the phone, then it escalated to hanging out, and now we are dating.” It seems that this is how relationships start now a days. Cameron Fore said that him and his girlfriend started dating the same way. “Yeah, we pretty much started dating the same as Landon.” Dating in 2019 looks like it has changed a lot since the 1900’s

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, it seems appropriate that we talked about dating. A lot has changed in the 2000s age, but one of the biggest things is the culture around dating. It seems a lot less formal than what it used to be. A good amount of the contact comes through technology that you take with you everywhere. That’s right, your phone. You can talk to the person even when your away from them. Our parents probably could not even imagine that when they were in high school.

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