Figuring Things Out With Marshall

An Argument from the Start of Time


Marshall Ingram, Editor

In almost every private school, there is always the argument of whether students should wear uniforms or not. Should it stay the same? Should there be less restrictions? Should there be no uniforms at all? These are pretty much the same questions every time. Schools come up with almost the same responses consistently also. “Our whole school needs to feel unified, and as one. No one should be excluded or pressured by the way they dress.” This is a very good point, but it is a bit exaggerated. No one is up late at night worrying about what they are going to wear the next day.  Some students want this rule to stay the same, but most students want to see a change.

There is always the age old question on if students should be required to wear uniforms to school. Most students dread waking up early in the morning and putting on an uncomfortable, bad-looking, uniform. It often has many parts and pieces to it with strict rules. The shirt must be tucked in, you must have a belt, skirts have to be a certain length and there are plenty more. Oh! And you cannot even have your own personal sweatshirt to go with it. That is where the school gets you. They say that you can wear your own jacket when the weather is under 40 degrees, but it must be a full zip jacket. It cannot be a sweatshirt for some reason. It can’t even be a half zip pull over. If you are caught out of dress code the punishment often times varies. Sometimes you will be written up. Other times it will just be a warning. Sometimes you can even be given detention. This part is usually where people get caught in a tight spot. They can be a great student, have perfect attendance, make all A’s and never get into trouble. One day they accidentally wake up late and are in a rush. They hurry to school. Then, in first period, they realize they forgot a belt. Senior, Cameron Fore has dealt with this rule for an extremely long time for the years he has been here. Cameron stated, “I guess I get why they have that rule. I just don’t know why it is so strict. I wish they would just make less restriction on it.” We all do Cameron. For most students they go through school hoping one day this will change. They are quickly realizing, as their days in high school run out, that there might never be one. At least while they are around.

Will this ancient argument ever be solved? Most are hoping. Some are starting to give up. Many students hope that they will get to see a change soon, while they are still in school. The reality of this is starting to come to life though. Students have come and gone. They have wished for the same thing that we are wishing today, but they have been unsuccessful. It seems as if this argument has been lost a long time ago.

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