Update on Prom…

Emmalee Schraeder, Editor

Just recently Prom tickets were finally announced! This will be taking just two weeks from now on the 22nd of March from 7pm to 12am at the Downtown Aquarium. The tickets this year are 90 dollars and will increase to 100 on march 18th.  This years theme will be Under the Sea. Many students are super excited about prom and can not wait!

Many girls are concerned about the dress code though especially after buying their prom dresses.

It is said in the handbook, “The annual Junior/Senior Prom is an NCS sponsored event. This sponsorship includes the traditional after-prom party. The planning and conduct of the entire evening will be under the direction of the junior and senior class sponsors and must be approved by the high school principal. All NCS dress and behavior policies will apply to this event. The NCS administration reserves the right to approve prom dresses in advance of the event.”

Not only that but according to  Mrs. Mouton, ” SCHOOL SPONSORED EVENTS – NCS students and guests are expected to maintain standards of cleanliness, modesty, neatness, and good taste both on campus and when attending school events off campus.

Dress code for all extracurricular activities prohibits the wearing of short shorts and the exposure of any midriff skin being sensitive to MODESTY and appropriateness in attire. DRESS – Please follow the dress codeDresses must have minimal cleavage; slit must be no higher than five (5) inches above the knee. IF there is a question, get approval prior to the dance. Students not in appropriate attire WILL be asked to go home and change.

ABSOLUTELY no drugs or alcohol. Proper Etiquette – Please act with proper manners. No vandalism or inappropriate use of the facilities will be tolerated. We have worked diligently to decorate. Please refrain from altering the decorations.

HAVE FUN!!” So make sure your dress fits the dress code that way they don’t have to send you home.

In conclusion, Prom is coming up fast so make sure you get your tickets! It will be a time of your life!