Figuring Things Out With Marshall

A Record-Breaking Deal


Marshall Ingram, Editor

Every baseball fan keeps up with the classic stylish, hair flipping, home run derby winning slugger Bryce Harper. Whether you like him or not, if you watch baseball, you keep up with his latest actions. His most recent move is the city he is moving to. Harper just signed a 13 year/$300 million deal with the Philadelphia Phillies. This new free agent acquisition is the biggest story in baseball right now. It is something that has been long anticipated. Some say it is a foolish move by Harper. Some say it is a great move for him. Others say it is a foolish move by the Phillies, but some people say it is genius. Whichever side you agree with, you cannot deny it is an extremely intriguing topic.

The Philadelphia Phillies signed Bryce Harper to a 13 year $300 million deal earlier this week. The former Washington National, and MVP had been holding out on where he wanted to go this offseason. Many teams were in the mix. Many experts thought he would go to LA to be apart of Dave Roberts beginning dynasty. A small majority of people thought he might sign back with the Nats. Everyone, though, knew he wanted a long-term deal with a huge paycheck. $330 million is a record deal for Major League Baseball. Throughout the years, we have seen many long-term deals like this. Unfortunately, they did not turn out so great. In the year 2000, the Texas Rangers signed shortstop/third baseman Alex Rodriguez to a 10 year $252 million contract. This deal ultimately put the Rangers organization into a world of debt that they are just now recovering from. There are plenty more stories just like this one. Josh Hamilton, Albert Pujols, Mark Texaira and many more have signed deals like this. Needless to say the organizations cannot wait for those players’ retirement. The story goes like this. The player signs a massive contract with no opt-outs. They sign with the team in the prime of their career. They have about 4-5 good more years, and then the team is stuck for the remaining however many years. Many people are wondering if the Phillies are the most recent victim of this suckering. All people can do now, is wait and see how Harper and the team pans out.

Now that the major player from free agency is signed, fans can finally look forward to their team and the regular season. $300 million is an extraordinary amount of money. That money comes with a risk all of the time in baseball. The player can either stud out and help the organization win championships, or the player can be a total bust. It seems as if the Phillies needed to take this risk. They have not done anything in the league in quite some time, so they needed to bring some excitement to the city. This year everyone will see if this deal is off to a hot start, or on it way to a bust.


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