The Interesting Acts of Cameron Bailes


Marshall Ingram, Chief Editor

Cameron Bailes is a senior here at Northland Christian School. He is a one of a kind personality at this school. He is looking to go out with a bang in his senior year. Cameron likes many things, has quite a bit of hobbies and has extremely interesting opinions on different subjects.

Cameron is a man of simple virtue. He does not require a lot. For example, the last thing he ate was a piece of cantaloupe. He is also up to date with the current style. He is interested in rap music, and listens to it during his free time. To keep up with the current style, he likes to shoe shop quite often. Since Cam is very modern, the hardest thing for him to give up would be his phone because he is so connected to it. He is more of a winter kind of guy. He does not like the weather right now because August is too hot and humid. Cameron’s middle name is Michael, and his best friend from elementary school was a kid named Conner. Michael misses him very much. Cam is a big fan of sleep. His bed is very big so that he can sprawl out on it during the night. If he had one wish he would want one billion dollars so that he could buy anything he wanted. Cameron also has a soft heart. The last person he hugged was his girlfriend Hannah.

Michael Bailes is an interesting man. His individual personality is one of a kind. He is a man of simplicity, but also he has strong opinions. With those strong opinions though, he balances it out with a soft heart. Cameron Bailes is an intriguing fellow and will continue to be throughout this year.

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