Opening Week for NCS Football


Marshall Ingram, Chief Editor

One new era of Northland Christian Football has come. New energy and life has reemerged in the program with new head coach AJ Palazzolo. Week one of the new season starts this week and many people are looking forward to what this new Cougar team can do. A lot of build up has emerged to this season, and Northland is trying to exceed their expectations.

The Northland Christian football team opens its season this Friday against Galveston O’Connel. The Cougars will be traveling there to take on their opponent. Much is at stake for this game since this is the start of something new in the program. A new head coach plus five new assistant coaches are on the staff this year. A new form of energy and excitement has been building up to this season. Senior linebacker for the Cougars, Justin Gilliland, had some comments about this week. “This week we have the chance to prove something to everyone. We’re here to prove that we are a different team than the past two years. This team is more disciplined and motivated than ever.” Everyone will have the chance to see that this Friday in Galveston. The Cougars will be looking to set the tone for the rest of the year in week one.

Week one of the 2019 football season opens up on Friday, and the Northland Christian Cougars will be looking to set the standard for how the program is going to look for now on. They will travel to Galveston O’Connel on Friday to try and improve to 1-0 on the season. Lots of energy and excitement has been building up. The Cougs will need to prove that this Friday at 7.