Record Heat in Houston


Peyton Fennelly, Writer

The heat in Houston has been insane this summer. The heat has been a record high almost every day during the summer and now it’s rolling into the school year.

According to, the temperature on Friday, September 6th, 2019, should break the 110-year old record with a temperature of 99 degrees. After the heat wave this weekend, the city of Houston will cool down because of the moisture in the Gulf.

Reacting to the heat of this Friday for the football game, Senior Cameron Bailes says ” It definitely affects how we play because many people are worried about the heat and not worried about the quality of their play”. Senior Mallory Murray, a cougar super-fan, reacts to the heat saying ” you can’t dress cute so you just wear athletic clothes but it doesn’t matter because I will support the cougars no matter what.”

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