5 Year Old Found Dead


Marshall Ingram, Chief Editor

Horrific events happen everyday in this day-in-age. When people hear stories on the news, they think how could someone think to do that. Sometimes though, thinking is not the case at all. Often times it is people not thinking. This week a child was found dead alone in her mother’s apartment closet. If someone hears this they either think “How could someone do this”, or, “There has to be more to the story”.

On Tuesday, August 27, Sierra Torres died in her mother’s apartment. The cause is unknown right now, but the situation is under investigation right now. What police do know is that the child’s mother and her boyfriend tampered with the child’s remains by putting her in a closet and then leaving town, according to ABC News. It seems that events like these happen everyday.

Jason Braggs had some thoughts on these types of situations. “It is horrific what happens to children when they are put in parents hands who do not want to be parents. There is always more to the story, but, today, there are so many options to put your child in better hands. People just don’t think.” Braggs thoughts are correct because in the heat of the moment, people think of an easy avenue of a way out without thinking of the consequences. Hopefully, we can create a community who cares about their youth by putting them in the best hands possible.