Last Homecoming as Seniors


Sydney Reaves, Writer

Ater three Homecomings, Northland Christian seniors are ready to experience their last. No more sparkly dresses, awkward homecoming proposals, or kings and queens. Seniors are very nostalgic to attend their final homecoming dance.

Northland Christian student of 16 years, Maddie Pallanez, is especially nostalgic for her final dance. She says, “I’m so excited to spend my last homecoming with all of my best friends, having fun together! Getting ready, hanging out, and dancing all night is the perfect way to spend the first of many lasts for this school year.” Maddie plans to get ready and pampered with all of her close friends, and dance the night away so she can remember it forever.

Good friend of Maddie Pallanez, Hannah Gilliland, is in full agreement with Maddie’s plan to make it a night to remember. Hannah says, “It’s going to be so much fun!! We’re going to make the best of it!!” Hannah and Maddie are very optimistic that their last Homecoming will be an event forever in their hearts.

Northland student of 13 years, Marshall Ingram, says “I wanna have a lot of fun with my friends and make lifelong memes na mean.” Marshall can’t wait to make this night as memorable as possible.

All seniors are very excited to have their last Homecoming. They all want to make it as fun as possible so they can always remember it. Have fun seniors!