Figuring Things Out with Marshall

The Big Question


Marshall Ingram, Chief Editor

The topic of gender identity has been extremely popular over the past few years. People have debated and discussed the truth and the moral of the topic endlessly. One of the main arguments is whether there are more than two genders. Personally I believe that the only real genders are male and female. There seems to be a split between who believes it is right and who sees it as wrong. Some people just decide to stay off to the side, and prefer to not be involved in the discussion. I believe that there is an absolute truth so one side has to be right. This is why debating is helpful because it helps us see different viewpoints, and why different people believe different things.

The question of whether there are only two genders or not has consumed the social and political world within the past five years now. There have been plenty of debates, sit downs, protests and conversations discussing this controversial topic. One thing that stands out to one side is that biological evidence shows that male and female are the only genders. A man can say that they are a woman, but that does not change the fact that they are biologically a man. Senior student at Northland Christian, Justin Gilliland, stated, “I believe that your gender is decided by what you are born with. The only genders are male and female.” This is one side of the argument. One of the opposing sides of this statement is that gender is a choice. Jackson Winder said, “In my opinion, gender is different than sex. Gender is a choice. If someone feels that they are something then they are. Sex is different. I believe there are only two sexes.” The debate of this topic has not been settled yet. One of the problems is that people are not understanding of the other side. In order for us to find common ground we must hear each other out.

The debate of the number of genders has not been solved yet. People are still trying to decide which side they believe. If they have decided then they are trying to make sense to people on the opposing side. There are so many different ways to believe, but in the end, you either think that there are two genders or there are more. In order for us to find common ground we must listen to people who think differently than us. Right now we, as people, are not very good at that. Once we learn how to listen then we might finally move forward with this topic.

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