Northland’s Musical is Showing Soon

Sydney Reaves, Writer

This year’s fall musical at Northland is the colorful show, Godspell. The showings are October 24, 26, and 27 all at 7 pm. The cast has been preparing for months, and can’t wait for the show to open!

The cast is filled with 11 people. The show’s director is Carolyn Jurick, Northland theater and journalism teacher. The musical director is Krissy Luedecke, Northland’s choir teacher. The stage manager is Ally Wiley, who says, “Stage manager is a wonderful job because I get to have fun with the cast and help support the musical in a big way!”

Cast member and Northland junior, Abbie Wietstruck says, “I’m so excited and nervous for the show to open!”

People are excited to see how the show will go, and the cast members are excited as well but very nervous! Go see Godspell October 24, 26, and 27 all at 7 pm.


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