Figuring Things Out with Marshall

The Good Old Days


Marshall Ingram, Chief Editor

Many people reminisce over the good old days. Those days, specifically, would be when you were around the age of elementary school. Things were so simple back then for everyone. No one cared about what other people thought of them. The only thought on your mind was having fun. One of those fun times was Halloween. It can’t get much better than running around the neighborhood with your best friends and eating candy.

Nowadays, Halloween looks a lot different than back when you were in elementary school. Back then it was all so simple in elementary school. Halloween was one of the most fun times of the year. It is a holiday specially made for kids. It is a holiday where you can eat candy, dress up in your favorite costume and run around with your friends. Justin Gilliland says that he wishes he could go back in time sometimes. “Those were the good old days. There wasn’t a thing on my mind except for having fun.” I think everyone wishes that they could do that as well, and go back for one more childhood Halloween.

If I could pick out a holiday from my childhood that I wish I could relive, it would without a doubt be Halloween. You can have Christmas right now or Easter, but Halloween you never really get back. It is a night where memories will stay. It is true that those are the good old days.

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