Climate Change is an Urgent Issue


Sydney Reaves, Writer

Regardless of our President’s disbelief in the fact of climate change, it is important we recognize how much of a priority this problem is. With the addition of extreme storms and an increasing amount of pollution, there are measures we need to take to combat climate change.

Another intense hurricane has hit Houston, and the city is desperate for healing. There was also a recent freak storm in Greece. It caused seven people to die.

The Conversation is an online source that provides a sarcastic article about why some people still fail to recognize that climate change is real. NASA is a great source for the evidence behind climate change. They talk about how temperature is rising globally, the oceans are warming, and many extreme weather events.

A great solution for our country is to take action towards climate change. Backing out of the Paris Agreement was not a part of this solution. A personal action one can take is to become vegetarian. Meat production has a huge effect on climate change.

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