Pre school trip

Frank, writers

Last Wednesday we go to pre school trip, that was a very fun, and I have to teach them the story of Noah and his ark. actually I was so nerves about that, because I never teach the kids before. Before we go, we prepare a lot of stuff, like how to teach and what was the plane. so on that morning we teach them, I already know how to do.when we walk throw the hall, those kids sit two side of the wall, they are so cute and kind. They say hello to us and we say hello too. In the first part we have to read the story about the Noah and his ark first, they are very interest about that story, and then we have the activity, we are draw the rainbow to together. All of them are like a artist, because they did it really good job, I was so surprise about that. and then, we play the car game, they are smart.

After that, I few so proud about that, I proud of those kids, also for me, that was a good trip.

Bruce say that, he few like a teacher, it was very good. And Yisi say that, those kids are cute, and she was happy for that.

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