President Trump Should Be Impeached

President Trump Should Be Impeached

Sydney Reaves, Writer

After the news about the Ukraine scandal, Americans supporting President Trump’s impeachment has reached the percentage of 48.8% according to FiveThirtyEight. With the continuation of the impeachment process, that number will only rise.

President Trump has showed no proof that he is capable of handling the issues of presidency. His policies have put people in danger and have ultimately destroyed any sort of sympathy towards keeping Trump as president. The Atlantic writes that President Trumps “ego, false words, and lack of empathy” make it completely justifiable to impeach him.

When half of America is supporting to get rid of a president, it’s pretty clear he should be impeached. For half of the population to hate their president shows Donald Trump’s success. Even if the hearing doesn’t last until the 2020 election, it still gives an image, not just our country but the whole world, that we do not agree with the egocentric President Trump.


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