James Harden is the MVP


Brady Kraner

James Harden will be the MVP for the 2019-2020 NBA basketball season.  His performance this year has been better than reigning MVP Giannis Anteteokumpo, star forward Lebron James, Luca Doncic, and all the other stars in the league.  The NBA might as well hand James Harden his award already because he is showing no signs of slowing down. James Harden is an absolute baller. 

Harden’s stats have been out the roof.  Basketball reference, an NBA stat site, shows us his stats for the year so far.  He is averaging an astounding 38.9 points per game. He dishes out 7.8 assists a game while hauling in 5.9 rebounds a game.  The league has never seen a scorer quite like James Harden. He knocks down step back threes with ease and makes defenders look silly when he drives to the bucket.  His stats are proof that he is indeed the league’s most valuable player.

An article on ESPN tells us about James Harden’s record breaking 60 point game.  He dropped a smooth 60 points in 31 minutes. Mike D’Antoni says, “It’s like everything else he does — unbelievable.” James shot 16-24 from the field and knocked down 8 three pointers.  James Harden is unstoppable and I don’t think the league will ever see a scorer quite like him again.

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