A Season of Ups and Downs


Marshall Ingram, Chief Editor

The Houston Texans are sitting atop the AFC South, and currently 4th in the AFC. They have showed signs of a top caliber team, and then also have looked like a team that might not make the playoffs. A season of ups and downs has been the identity of the Texans for the past few years. Faithful fans wish they could stay on a steady track for the rest of the season.

Houston Texans fans are getting quite tired of the race of emotions that their team is giving them. The team went from beating the #1 seed in the AFC, who is the patriots, to losing to a Denver Broncos team who has an opposite record as them. Justin Gilliland has season tickets NRG for the season. His thoughts are, “I think that they’re a good football team, but I wish they could be more consistent. I hope that they can get on track before the playoffs.” Everyone in Houston wishes that for their team as well. They would like nothing better than a championship for their home team.

The Houston Texans are 8-5 on the season so far. They control their own destiny, but cannot coast. They must win agains the Titans again, and win a few more. For Houston to make a run, they need to get momentum. There is nothing that this city will give them but support.