Harry Styles Came Back in 2019


Sydney Reaves

After releasing his first single album in 2017, his fans awaited the second. With millions of supporters, Harry Styles remains one of the most popular artists ever. His music is always on the top charts and stays popular as the years go by.

Harry Styles started off in a boy band in 2010. With four other members, they called themselves One Direction. They released four albums as a group of five. However, their fifth album only consisted of four members. One Direction bad boy Zayn Malik, left the band to be a solo artist in 2015. After their fifth album without Zayn, One Direction took a “temporary” break and split up to all pursue solo careers.

Harry Styles was always the most popular of the group, and released an album two years after the band split up. His music was unlike any One Direction song. Instead of pop, it was indie and rock. He proved to be a very successful solo artist and people awaited his next album as soon as they heard the first.

Ximena Reyna says, “Harry Styles is my favorite singer!” She has been a Directioner from the beginning and supports Harry’s solo career. Marie Sykes says, “I was never really a fan of One Direction, but I do enjoy Harry’s music!” Even those who were not fans of One Direction love Harry Styles!

After two years, Harry finally released another album in 2019. Immediately his made the list of most known events in 2019. He released the album in complete surprise, making it an iconic moment of the year. Fans are so glad Harry Styles came back in 2019 making it an even greater year!

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