Texans vs. Chiefs

Brady Kraner

The Houston Texan’s have a chance to make a push for the Super Bowl.  They had a decent season and won the wild card against the Buffalo Bills last week.  The Texans had some big wins during the regular season against the Patriots and the Chiefs.  They also had a couple of embarrassing with one of those being the Broncos. The Houston Texans square off against the Chiefs next week.

The Houston Texans defeated the Chiefs back in the earlier part of the season.  It was a back and forth game but the Texans came out with the win. This weeks game will come down to the two star quarterbacks.  Those quarterbacks are Deshaun Watson and Patrick . Whoever has the better game will win the game. Deandre Hopkins needs to pick the defense apart with his route running skills.  JJ Watt needs to bring the energy from the very first snap. If those three players can come out on fire I see the Texans taking down the Chiefs.

The last time the Texans and the Chiefs squared off in the playoffs it was a very ugly game.  The Chiefs defense handed the Texan’s office a huge goose egg. I predict the Texans refuse to let that happen again.  The Texan’s will win this game and likely play the Ravens in the AFC championship. This win will secure Bill O’Brien’s job for the next several years and will give the city of Houston a reason to be proud in their football team once again.