The Dramatic Bachelor Season

Brady Kraner

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The Bachelor has been around for years.  ABC airs this show for all of America on Monday nights.  This show has a sister show, The Bachelorette. Both of these shows gives one guy and one girl a shot at love.  This years bachelor is Peter. This season is already very dramatic and things are just getting started.During the first two episodes, Hannah Brown made two appearances on the show.  She showed up the first night to give Peter his wings back. She then ran the second group date which turned into a nightmare.  Peter and Hannah talked about their feelings for each other and Peter decided to let her go. This will now allow Peter to focus on the girls in the house.  Last night’s episode was very dramatic.  Some of the girls got involved in a champagne scandal.  Hannah Ann and Kelsey got into it. Kelsey brought a bottle of champagne that was very special to her and Hannah Ann and Peter drank it.  This caused lots of drama in the house. A preview of the season was shown after the episode and it is set to be one of the most dramatic seasons ever.