Australia Fires Have Yet to Stop

Sydney Reaves, Writer

Australia currently faces the worst wildfire in history. It has burned 25 million acres, killed 27 people, and destroyed 2,000 homes according to Business Insider. It is estimated that a billion animals have died.

Many social media accounts have attempted to raise awareness by posting pictures of the fire and claiming “One Like Equals One Dollar” donated to help the fires. Celebrities such as Leonardo Dicaprio, P!nk, and Keith Urban have donated large sums of money to the cause as well as helping in raising awareness.

Most of the fires have been ignited from natural causes, but they have been worsened by climate change according to USA Today. Wildfires themselves contribute to climate change by sending more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. That is why it is so important to take out these fires as soon as possible. People can help by raising awareness on their social media or telling others. Donations are also accepted on many different sites. Do what you can to help stop the Australia fires.