NCS Training Program

Brady Kraner

NCS athletes have been lifting and training very hard this semester.  The athletes are led by Coach Allen and Coach Suggs.  These two men know all about lifting, running, and fitness.  They expect excellence and perfection both in the weight room and on the track.  They want to make these athletes the best possible athletes they can be.

Many different workouts take place throughout the week.  Coach Allen primarily does his work in the weight room while Coach Suggs takes over on the track.  In the weight room, arms, legs, abs, and so much are all getting stronger.  On the track, speed, endurance, and toughness are all being strengthened.

The coaches want all athletes to strive to be perfect.  They do not tolerate being late.  They do not tolerate half effort.  They want their athletes to be bought in.  If the athletes are not bought in, this training program is not for them.  These workouts test the true character of these athletes.  The coaches are just getting started and I can’t wait to see what these athletes turn into.