Money Spent on gifts on Valentines Day

Peyton Fennelly, Author

Valentines Day is a special day for love for you significant other. A lot of money is spent on many different things to spoil each other. The most given gift is a night out to eat or on the town.

$5.5 billion is spent every year on Valentines day just for going out to eat. Americans spend $20 billion a year on gifts. February 14th is a big day for all of Americans but wives and girlfriends are the luckiest having an average $120 spent on them per year.

Maddie Pallanez said “I am spending about $25 this year.” SO for high school students maybe are spending less money than adults. People spend a lot of money on themselves to get ready for Valentines day whether it be travel or new clothes or makeup to be ready for the night. Valentines Day is a day for people to love each other but that doesn’t always mean spend the most money!