Syd’s Spoilers

Recap of the Previous Episode of the Bachelor


Sydney Reaves, Writer

WARNING: What you are about to read WILL spoil recent episodes of The Bachelor. Do not read if you do not want spoilers of The Bachelor. 

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was INTENSE and fans are desperate to finally know whether or not Madison will be in the final two. The episode started off with Madison telling Peter her spiritual beliefs, and how they would be affected by this episode of “Fantasy Suites.” She told him that if he were to go to the Fantasy Suite with another girl, she would consider leaving the show.

The first date was with Hannah Ann. They jet ski’d through the Australian waters and had a romantic sunset dinner. The night ended with… the Fantasy Suite.

The second date was with Victoria. Surprisingly, they did not fight! They discussed their problems with communication and how they can improve. They spent the night together but we were not given any details of … the Fantasy Suite.

The last date was a doozy. Madison and Peter went to the top of a skyscraper and kissed as the camera man probably prayed to not fall off. Their date ended with Peter telling Madison he had been to the Fantasy Suite with girls and this really upset Madison. The episode ended with fans not knowing whether or not Madison is still on the show.

Next week is “Women Tell All,” and then the week after on Monday and Tuesday are the final episodes. Can’t wait!