Figuring Things Out With Marshall

Get Out of the Left Lane

Figuring Things Out With Marshall

Marshall Ingram, Chief Editor

There are many things in this world that are considered a pet peeve. A pet peeve is one thing that bothers a person more than anything that it can make them go crazy. Whether that is stopping in the middle of the hallway, talking on the phone loud in public, smacking their food and many more things can be considered a pet peeve. There is one thing in this world that drives me crazier than anything. My pet peeve is when people drive in the left lane going slow.

Often times when you are driving on the highway, you are either on the road for a long time or have to get somewhere quick. In this situation you have to drive fast. Thanks to the law, there is a place on the road to do this. It is called the passing lane. You might see signs on the road that say “left lane for passing only”. This is for people going above the speed limit that need to pass other traffic. It is not just another lane. Please, if you are going the speed limit or below, GET OUT OF THE LEFT LANE!!!

It is hard to understand how people do not know this rule when they have their license. It is a clear example that you are completely clueless on the road. I’m going to choose not to be mean and not call you an idiot, or an ignorant jerk, or a simp. Learn the rule, and you will not be getting those looks that you have no idea what for.

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