Athletics with New Staff

Brady Kraner, Writer

Athletics is a time where the athletes get to improve their speed and strength.  The biggest classes are during 7th and 8th period.  Athletics during 7th period are for the boys.  The 8th period is for the girls.  This frees up more space in the weight room and allows everybody to use all the equipment.

The athletic staff is all brand new this year.  Coach Allen is the head strength coach.  He is great at what he does.  He specializes in the weight lifting part.  Coach Suggs is another excellent coach.  He knows how to make kids better on the track.  Coach Braggs helps out with the girls during 8th period and he makes them better each and every day.

The boys spend Monday, part of Wednesday and Friday in the weight room.  They run on Tuesday and half of Wednesday.  Braggs always has something new for the 8th period athletes.  With all that being said, athletics is an important part of the day for all athletes.  It whips people in shape and gets them ready for their next sport.