Spring Comedy Coming Soon

Sydney Reaves, Writer

Northland’s spring comedy has been released, it is Rumors by Neil Simon. Rehearsals started a while ago but the show is starting to get real! There are ten people in the cast. It consists of 7 seniors, 1 junior, and 2 sophomores.

The cast has begun to run the show by Act rather than broken up by scene. News is starting to spread about the show. The cast is sharing the dates with their friends and classmates so they can come see the show. The dates are April 23, 24, and 25 all at 7 pm. Om says, “I’m excited for my first show.”

That is less than two months away! Mrs. Jurick says, “Everything is coming together and moving along.” The cast is beginning to grow close and prepare for opening night. The show is about a dinner party with multiple couples. There is a scandal that takes place and the couples work together to keep it from the cops. It’s a hilarious show with some dark humor and many accidents! Come see the Northland spring show, Rumors, and support your classmates!