The Brady Bunch

Two Week Hiatus


Brady Kraner, Editor

These past couple weeks have been nothing other than exciting, different, and crazy.  Times like this test people and their character.  You can choose to make the most out of it or let it ruin your last couple months of the school year.  I have chosen to make the most of it.

With everything being closed, I have had to work on new things.  One of those new things is golf.  I have taken over 1000 swings at the range.  I have played 5 rounds of 18.  I am really trying to better my game. I have played several rounds with Peyton Fennelly.  We are both trying to better our game before we head off to college.

Golf is a soothing game.  It takes patience, time, and skill.  If you are not a patient person, this game is not for you.  Golf is something you have to work at.  You can’t simply pick up a club and be good at it.  It is a game that takes practice.  I can’t wait to continue playing golf throughout this break.  Many other exciting things took place over this break and I will fill you in on those with a video tomorrow afternoon.

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