Corona virus


Peyton Fennelly, writer

The corona virus has affected the whole world over the past couple of months but especially in the last couple of weeks. The virus started in China and has spread to every part of the world. Europe is getting the most deaths and the rest of the world is shut down. People are working from home and students are taking online classes.

Everyone is very bored and I have even said “I can’t wait to go back to school”, which is an odd statement. I have played golf almost everyday of the past 2-3 weeks. The golf course is the best place to social distance because you rarely get within 6 feet of each other if you have separate golf carts.

At home I have played video games way too much but there is nothing else to do. I have taken naps just to pass the time. Life is very boring at home with nothing to do. Now with online school I hat least have something to do but when I’m done with my work it’s back to being bored.