Figuring Things Out With Marshall


Marshall Ingram, Chief Editor

It is the start of the fourth term for what many of us is our last bit of high school. Although there has been a bit of a curveball thrown into the last bit of this school year. The Coronavirus has become a global pandemic, and it has caused our lives to change for the time being. That includes school being shutdown until further notice. Nobody wanted this to happen, but the schools around the country are trying their best to get their students through the end of this year and get many of them graduated.

Google Meet and Zoom seem to have recently struck a goldmine with schools being out of session for this time period. I had not even heard of either of the two programs until I was told that Northland, and many other schools as well, are going to using them to carry on with assignments. Basically what these applications are are a group face time call where classes can do an online session. It is actually pretty easy to do. It is obviously strange seeing your classmates and teachers at their house in different clothes than normal, but the job is still done. When I logged into my first class, which was 1st period pre-cal, I saw screens with Mr. Davis and many of my friends that I had not seen in quite some time. It is an extremely weird thing, but it serves a purpose until things get back to normal.

The goal of having online school is so that this global pandemic of a virus can blow over as soon as possible. This is the next best thing that people can do without meeting in person, and so far it has gone quite smoothly. Sure there are some technological mix ups, but for the most part school work is being handed out and completed. Hopefully everybody can stay safe, healthy and sane during the chaotic time.