The clock


The clock is a very normal thing in our daily life. we used is the set alarm, we used it to check the time, sometime we even can’t notice it, but it very important, time is invisible, and clock makest time is visible.

As we know, for now, no one able to do the time travel, but the clock can, when I wake up in the morning waking by alarm, I just turn off and persuade myself to just sleep one more minute, it will make big mistakes. because I will have time to travel, When I wake up after”1″ minutes, I will realize that I already sleep one more hour.

Also, the clock also very important, it helps us to adjust our body clock. Before science makes science research. They put some volunteer in to the deep cave, in there they can’t see the sky, and they can’t feel the times going, also science take all the clock from them, and give them enough food and water, told them they can come out after 10 days. but actually they just come out on the 6th days. Because on the cave they can’t fell the time, so their body clock was mass, and they feel time going so slow.

Have another science active,  the science put people in a room, on there they don’t have a clock, and no window, they can’t see outside, if they can stay there over one month, they will get big prise, but no can stay over 10 days because they can’t check the time, and time going so slow for them.

So the clock helps us a lot, I dependent it every morning, if not it wakes me up, I may late every single days..