A Boring Time


Marshall Ingram, Chief Editor

All people are different from each other in at least some way. Although, there are things that people have a lot in common with. One thing that most have in common right now is that they are extremely bored. The Coronavirus is going around the world, and social distancing seems to be part of the solution. This is needed to take order of the situation, but it can cause problems as well.

Social distancing seems to have taken control of America and even the world. There is a virus called COVID-19 that has torn through the world. It has wrecked havoc and taken a toll on the world. It spreads through human contact for the most part. New York Times has said that the US now leads the world in the number of confirmed cases. This has caused the United States government to take action against it, and urge everybody to take shelter and have as little of human contact as possible. School is now at home and business have closed down. This means everybody is extremely bored at home. “There seems to be nothing to do except look out a window sometimes” says senior Cameron Bailes. Everyone just wants life to go back to normal so that they can just have something to do.

There is hope that life will return to normal after the lockdowns and social distancing measures that everyone is taking. People just want to live their normal everyday lives. They do not know that they miss something simple like driving to school until it is gone. It makes a person appreciate what they have while they have it.

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